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Reeves Pheasant Feathers – Natural Feathers In A Beautiful Color Palette

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This is a body feather from the Reeves Pheasant rooster. We have them in our Feather Special packs.

This is a body feather from the Reeves Pheasant rooster. We have them in our Feather Special packs.

The Reeves Pheasant feathers on our site are all from our own, and are cruelty-free feathers. Our Reeves Pheasant, Syrmaticus reevesii, were spectacular. We had one rooster and one hen, and while they were not bonded to each other, they fit in well with our mixed flock.

Reeves Pheasant roosters are not particularly suited for a mixed flock. They are aggressive and territorial, and I suspect our bandit-faced aristocrat in the suspicious demise of my single glorious Ringneck Pheasant Rooster… so headsup for anyone raising these birds. They do better in very large aviaries with only females.

and watch your back.
(It’s not that they don’t love you… it’s that they love to attack you.)

The Reeves Pheasant is a long-tailed bird and it is the tail feather that captures most attention. I was amazed by the body feathers. The detail in each feather, different in each place on the body, has the most amazing, crisp, alluring detail.

As is the case with most pheasant, the bird is named for the naturalist who brought it to the west from China, John Reeves – 1831, and I don’t know what the Chinese call it, when they see it in it’s natural habitat.

And the color palette that nature has afforded these birds is perfection. Blacks, tans, creams, browns, auburn, beige, bronze, buff, burnt sienna, burnt umber, chestnut, fawn, fulvous, ochre… and more.

Our Reeves Pheasant feathers are available in the Rare Feather Sampler pack, and in the Mixed Feather Sampler. We sold out of the feathers in a single-pack inventory, but they are throughout the samplers, which are the highest quality feathers of all, from my private inventory and only recently released for sale.

All of these feathers are available at www.TheFeatheredEgg.com!