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Feather Artist Spotlight… Chris Maynard

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Feather Art Natural Feathers

Chris Maynard’s feather art is simply amazing. Some of the kinds of feathers he uses are for sale here, but he goes much farther into the medium than I’ve ever seen before. I spent more than an hour at his amazing website.

The uses of feathers for arts and crafts is endlessly fascinating, and gives me many ideas for uses for my cruelty-free feathers.

Chris Maynard’s work on feathers came to my attention through a friend. I was amazed by Chris’s shadowbox feather art and spent hours cruising his website.

I learned there that Maynard creates his feather sculptures using eye surgery cutting tools. The birds cut out from the feathers are the birds that produced the feathers.

Some of his feathers are exotic, obtained legally from zoos and curators.

Maynard’s feather photography captures the elusive iridescence that I am so amazed by, and that I know is difficult to photograph.

There’s a hummingbird feather on a copper penny. That’s a must-see.

This feather art is inspirational. One of the best things about having a big inventory of feathers for arts and crafts is access to these amazing materials.

I’m very pleased to be able to view Chris Maynard’s feather art, and look forward to bringing more art to this blog about feathers of www.TheFeatheredEgg.com