Dark Feather Fluff Mix

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Fluff feathers come from the inner body feathers of the winter plumage and could be from any of the birds we raised, including turkey. They are light, frothy, fluffy, floaty wonders that add texture and loft to any feather project. This item consists of one fluff collection with a mix of dark, gray, or brown fluffy feathers for $6. The packaging will vary – all the feathers in one bag or a collection of bags… but all dark and all fluff, 25 feathers minimum in the collection. The feathers in the collection can range in size from @ 1 inch to 6 inches.

Shipping is one flat rate of $8 regardless of how many feather bags you are ordering and will show up automatically in your shopping cart. Your cart will appear in the sidebar when you select an item. Your order will ship using USPS Priority Mail and go out within 3 days of completed payment. International orders are no longer possible due to export regulations.

The collection could be one or more bags with these sizes:
The Large bags are 12 x 4 inches
The Medium bags are 6 x 3 inches
The Small bags are 4 x 2 inches

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