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What Are The Best Feathers For Jewelry

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the feathered egg feather jewelry

While peacock feathers are a clear choice for beautiful feather jewelry, there are many other kinds of feathers that top my list.

Choosing feathers for jewelry making is the fun part. The birds themselves wore their feathers for jewelry, as well as for lifesupport – and we can see why. The feathers are gorgeous.

Cruelty-free feathers are getting more and more important to feather jewelry makers, because the artists use a small number of carefully-selected feathers, and put a lot of time and thought into the art. Good karma feathers are an expression of their art.

Pheasant feathers lead the feather jewelry market, but chicken feathers for arts and crafts are a close second. Chickens have an amazing variety of beautiful feathers and there seem to be more breeds every year, giving pheasants a run for most beautiful status.

Short wing feathers are a good place to start when planning feather jewelry. Layering the feathers on top of each other is popular, with the longest and strongest in the back.

Feathers with a wide body and strong color pattern are also a good back piece. These can be long body feathers, short tail fan feathers, or wide crest feathers.

Topping the piece with a smaller, brightly patterned body feather is my favorite part.

I use fluff feathers for texture throughout the piece, or as a backing to set off a single brilliantly colored feather.

The ornamental pheasant: Lady Amherst Pheasant, Silver Pheasant, Golden Pheasant, and Reeves Pheasant are a good place to start for feathers that make a centerpiece to the work.

Guinea Fowl have polka dot feathers, Chukar Partridge have black and tan barred feathers. Chicken roosters are the source of most hair feathers, and Buff Polish Chickens have feathers that suit every kind of jewelry project.

Turkey feathers and goose feathers are an excellent source of background or long feathers, and are the main source of feathers for feather fans.

Most of the feather jewelry for sale in stores and at craft fairs have these kinds of arts and crafts feathers in their construction.

For a mix of all the feathers mentioned in this article, check out the Feather Jewelry Sampler at I put together these samplers out of my best feathers, reserved for my own jewelry making. But then I looked around at the, literally, thousands of feathers I’d put aside for myself and realized that not even an entire army of crafters could use them in a lifetime. I created the sampler kits and listed them as a group. Pictures of the feathers that are included in the sampler can be found throughout the site with the individual feathers – like the links in this post.

Even a single feather with a single bead can be breathtakingly beautiful. That’s the nature of feather jewelry. It’s already a natural jewel. We just put it where it can be admired.



Use Tiny Feathers As Doll Eyelashes!

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Silver pheasant feathers are graphically beautiful. They were part of our first flock at, and are amazing.

One of the most rewarding parts of having is learning what my customers do with the arts and crafts feathers that I sell.

I wasn’t totally sure what the smallest feathers would be used for, but they were so perfectly beautiful that I couldn’t resist collecting them when I had my flock of chickens, pheasant, partridge, quail, ducks, and geese.

These cruelty-free feathers were mostly from the shoulders and neck, and were tiny replications of the gorgeous patterns and shapes from the rest of the bird.

Then one day, I had an order from a lady in Maine who was making dolls. She told me that she was buying the feathers to use as doll eyelashes. I was amazed and delighted. I had learned something new about the uses for feathers, for arts and crafts, and for other things.

The care that crafters and artists put into their work makes it totally worth the niche market that I’ve found for my cruelty-free feathers. I don’t have large numbers of the feathers – because the mission I have for raising the birds and collecting the feathers doesn’t produce them in large quantity, but they are perfect for the purpose they serve.

And in this case, it was doll eyelashes – which I never would have thought of on my own!


A Flock Of Feather Craft Types!

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Natural Feathers is the feather dedicated site of The Feathered Egg. These cruelty-free feathers are from our own flock… and now are a part of feather craft worldwide!

My favorite part of offering cruelty-free feathers for sale is getting involved in the various different feather crafts that people are doing.

Sometimes it’s through conversations with customers shopping for just the right kind of feather.

Sometimes its research I’m doing for my own feather art.

But always it is amazing what people are making with beautiful natural feathers.

My flock’s feathers have joined the biggest flock in the world, and craft by craft, I’m determined to watch them fly… my Feather Craft Flock!

  •  Feather jewelry
  • Hair feathers
  • Feather butterflies
  • Feather masks
  • Prayer fans
  • Dreamcatchers
  • Decision feathers
  • Feather birds
  • Feather trees
  • Feather fans
  • Feather wreaths
  • Feather painting
  • Wall art

And more… featherloads of ideas… I’m really fluffed over the fantastic potential.


Introducing Feathered Blogs For The Feathered Egg at!

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Introducing is a vital part of, and it now has its’ own website because demand for the cruelty-free feathers that we raised and collected from our own flock of pheasant, chickens, geese, ducks, turkey, and chukar partridge has grown since we started selling them in 2004.

People interested in natural feathers, especially our sustainable, domestic, humane feathers, may or may not also be interested in the blown eggshells for crafts that are featured at, and so we’ve developed this website specifically focused on:

The feathers, feather care, feather facts, feather art, and feather crafts.

This blog, with weekly (or fewer?) posts, joins our other blogs about blown eggs, all things chicken, self publishing, and aviation history. A wide range of subjects, but all supported with fun and interesting facts through regular posts.

This site stands alone in order to tailor the information and navigation to our uber-cool feathers, and shopping clicks through to the secure site at, where every payment form is ready to go.

Just like this new blog! Ready to fly to feathertastic posting heights!


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