About Us

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TheFeatheredEgg.com and NaturalFeathers.com started as a true cottage industry, set among the piñon and juniper near the Pecos River, in New Mexico.

Our catalog of products are all derived from birds that are well cared for, and well celebrated, by their keepers.

Now that we’ve moved to the city, we continue our mission by fair-trade buying from like-minded backyard farmers who treat their birds the same, or even better, than we treated ours. The story behind it all is available a funny, hard-to-put-down book:  “Just A Couple of Chickens” by Corinne Tippett.

Now located in Portland, Oregon – and flockless, TheFeatheredEgg.com and NaturalFeathers.com continues to supply crafters, artists, and collectors, with small quantities of products that are humanely, sustainably, and domestically produced.

We sort, wash, dry, and temperature treat the feathers using no harmful chemicals. Buyers must, however, continue to protect the feathers using proper natural bug repellents (cedar and citronella essential oil) because our feathers don’t have the toxic residue of commercial feather treatments that would protect them against feather-eating bugs

Each bag is hand-packed and guaranteed. Shipping is through USPS Priority Mail, and the cost is always within $2 of actual postage. Payment is through PayPal.com, which accepts credit cards regardless if the buyer has a PayPal account or not