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Introducing Feathered Blogs For The Feathered Egg at!

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Introducing is a vital part of, and it now has its’ own website because demand for the cruelty-free feathers that we raised and collected from our own flock of pheasant, chickens, geese, ducks, turkey, and chukar partridge has grown since we started selling them in 2004.

People interested in natural feathers, especially our sustainable, domestic, humane feathers, may or may not also be interested in the blown eggshells for crafts that are featured at, and so we’ve developed this website specifically focused on:

The feathers, feather care, feather facts, feather art, and feather crafts.

This blog, with weekly (or fewer?) posts, joins our other blogs about blown eggs, all things chicken, self publishing, and aviation history. A wide range of subjects, but all supported with fun and interesting facts through regular posts.

This site stands alone in order to tailor the information and navigation to our uber-cool feathers, and shopping clicks through to the secure site at, where every payment form is ready to go.

Just like this new blog! Ready to fly to feathertastic posting heights!


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