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These natural, cruelty-free feathers are from our own flock of Sustainable, Domestic, Humanely raised birds, and from like-minded farmers who share our values. Each bag has about 25 feathers, costs $6 each and shipping is one flat rate of $8 regardless how many bags are in your order.

Mixed Feathers – Small and Medium Bags

Silver-Laced Wyandotte Chicken Feathers – Medium Bag

Silver-Spangled Hamburg Chicken Feathers – Small and Medium Bags

Emu Feathers – Small, Medium and Large Bags

Cuckoo Maran Chicken Body Feathers – Medium Bag

Pheasant Hen Feather Mix – Small Bag

Dark Fluff Feather Mix

LIght Fluff Feather Mix

Red Cornish Chicken Hen Feathers – Medium Bag

Turkey Body Feathers – Medium Bag